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High performance cultures

HPOs create and sustain a performance-driven culture by focusing on the highest levels of excellence in whatever it does whilst moving swiftly and decisively to eliminate any pockets of complacency and inaction. In addition, the culture of an HPO has a number of distinct characteristics that help it respond and adapt more readily to changes in the marketplace or other external forces. HPOs don’t just effectively manage change; through a heightened level of awareness of the marketplace, customers and competitors they are in a constant state of readiness to meet new challenges and therefore seek and embrace change. We can help you develop your approach to establishing a high performance culture including:

  • Establishing clear, strong, meaningful and ethical mission, vision and values for high performance
  • Setting expectations of world-class performance in your core business areas
  • Systematically surfacing and eradicating misalignments between espoused values and day-to-day operations
  • Nurturing and reinforcing high performance beliefs and standards of behaviour amongst employees consistent with your values and in support of your organisation’s strategic, design and leadership approaches to high performance
  • Ensuring your leaders role model the espoused values and identifying and managing those who don’t before they damage the organisation
  • Creating a sense of community and collective purpose by fostering team and inter-team working and establishing shared responsibility and accountability for meeting customer needs
  • Helping individuals regularly clarify how their personal values and career aspirations fit with the purpose, values and goals of the organisation
  • Developing the characteristics of organisational culture and climate that fosters employee engagement; understanding how the drivers of engagement differ across employee groups e.g. middle managers, new starts etc.

Workshop delegate, Nationwide.

“The course was extremely interactive and sparked a lot of interesting discussion. It was well structured but presented very informally so that between the attendees and the tutor, Kevin Edwards, we developed a set of best practices that we could really apply to our own working lives.

At least 50% of the course revolved around practical examples, including the video showing clips of existing homeworkers and discussion or brainstorming, which made it fun and interesting and really relevant.

I thought that both the content and delivery of the course were superb.”

Case study

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