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Designing for high performance

HPOs design for maximum customer focus, flexibility and continuous improvement. Interestingly, HPO research tells us that organisational structure is not a key driver of high performance. For the HPO, design starts with an external focus and establishing a detailed understanding of current and future customer requirements as well as other market conditions. HPO design is based on flexible work processes to meet these requirements and conditions. An HPO also has mechanisms for engaging with its employees and entire value chain to continuously improve how it operates. We can help you develop your high performance approach to organisation design including:

  • Designing outward-focused processes to understand and anticipate changes in customer requirements and external demands and opportunities
  • Establishing performance measures and measurement processes that create clarity and focus for every day decision-making and behaviour
  • Designing the work and the workplace to positively reinforce desired behaviour
  • Building flexibility into your processes, giving your supervisors and employees the freedom to use their judgement, to make changes to processes and procedures in order to improve outcomes
  • Ensuring HR practices reinforce the principles of empowerment for teams and individuals
  • Reducing boundaries and barriers between and around units to optimise cross-organisational collaboration
  • Developing existing employees and new starters to become flexible and resilient
  • Designing information & communication infrastructure, practices and incentives that support sharing of information, knowledge and best/good practices vital to business performance
  • Providing the environment and opportunities to experiment, take risks, innovate and explore state-of-the-market technology to create new sources of competitive advantage
  • Future-proofing your design – ensuring business units have the capacity to reconfigure and renew themselves to meet changing competitive conditions
  • Designing job roles to optimise engagement

Andy Flinn, Operations Manager, Ryzex Plc.

I have experienced a number of consultants and trainers over the years, but Kevin’s natural ability to break down barriers between management, supervisors and employees to get the best out of everyone was the key ingredient in choosing someone to help us plan for a re-structure, and then work with us to develop the confidence and skills to deliver change whilst maintaining existing service levels.

Kevin helped us take the initiative during uncertain times by adopting a systematic approach involving scenario planning, looking at design options for our scenarios, and in establishing change plans for our designs.

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