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Leadership for high performance

Leaders in HPO’s establish a ‘culture of performance’. They also eliminate negative or non-productive behaviour resulting from mixed messages, inappropriate or ineffective workplace consequences, or being out-of-step with customer needs. However HPO’s not only develop those capable of leading tomorrow’s organisation, they also develop collective leadership capacity within and across management and supervisory levels to enable it to respond effectively to complex business and operational challenges. In essence, an HPO cultivates a leadership and talent model that goes beyond ‘heroic leader’. We can help you develop your high performance approach to leadership including:

  • Ensuring your executives clearly communicate the organisation’s values and goals
  • Getting people to believe their individual actions and behaviour affects the performance of the organisation, then empowering them to be decisive and action-based
  • Analysing and understanding what drives individual behaviour in the workplace and the practical steps to provide clarity of performance goals and systematically reinforce high performance behaviour
  • Establishing a strong, confident and effective leadership style that inspires people, creates a confident workforce, and builds employee support for decisive action in instances of non-performance
  • Ensuring positive, constructive relationships between supervisors and employees and leveraging this to accomplish extra-ordinary results
  • Creating a passion for talent management; placing an emphasis on growing leaders from within by making every line manager responsible for identifying, tracking and developing your most talented employees
  • Helping emerging leaders make successful transitions into new roles, develop presence, credibility and become effective quicker by understanding what makes someone successful in a range of different business situations
  • Making employee engagement a priority for leaders at all levels; developing leadership style and behaviour shown to increase engagement
  • Making sure leaders create programmes that help establish the desired culture and challenging leaders to develop innovative approaches to increasing employee effectiveness
  • Establishing fairness in your approach to reward and recognition, ensuring high performing employees and those who strive to meet customer needs are consistently rewarded

James Carr, Regional Director, Highways Agency.

“I have worked with Kevin on a number of projects over the last 4 years on the design and delivery of development programmes within a young and maturing safety critical organisation. This work has provided outstanding results within my organisation, leading to qualitative and quantitative results in terms of efficiency and real cash savings and was recognised when it was a Regional Winner at the National Training Awards in 2009.

A clear expert in his field, I would willingly recommend Kevin’s work and encourage those looking to embark on a programme of change and organisation development to consider utilising the skills and value that Kevin brings.”

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