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Strategic approach to high performance

How do HPOs distinguish themselves from low and average performing organisations in the way they develop their strategies? HPOs create strategies that set them apart in the marketplace. HPOs also create a ‘strategic mindset’ within their organisation that motivates the actions and behaviours of its leaders, managers and workforce; employees in HPOs are able to articulate how the strategy relates to the organisation’s mission statement. We can help you develop your strategic approach to high performance including:

  • Putting customer-related data at the heart of your strategy
  • Competing and comparing with the best in the marketplace in order to establish a leading market position
  • Ensuring your strategies are perceived by your internal and external stakeholders as consistent with your organisation’s mission and demonstrating how your strategy reinforces long-term orientation over short-term gain
  • Creating clarity and consistency within your strategic plan so your employees believe your strategy is well thought out
  • Ensuring your C-suite executives are seen making decisions and displaying the behaviours consistent with your strategy
  • Ensuring the actions and behaviours of your middle managers demonstrate to everyone they are on board and on message
  • Establishing performance measures that are fully aligned to your strategies
  • Facilitating employee understanding of how your strategy affects their role and importantly how their current behaviour and performance affects delivery of your strategy

Ingrid Hickman, British Psychological Society, Occupational Psychology Practitioner of the Year 2010.

“I have worked with Kevin on a variety of client projects over the past ten years and frequently seek his advice on a number of client related issues where I require innovation and academic rigour. His self assured style provides clients and colleagues alike with absolute assurance that the best possible outcome will be achieved at every step of the way, in every way, on every occasion.

The latest project we worked on together achieved a national award, an indication of the very highest of standards that Kevin sets and consistently achieves. I would wholeheartedly recommend his services as a coach and OD expert to all.”

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