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Andy Flinn, Operations Manager, Ryzex Plc

“Ryzex is a leading provider of worldwide barcode, data collection & mobile technology solutions and is based in the US, Canada, UK and France. It was exciting times – we had just taken on two new customers; both were going to be huge contracts.

Just one would easily result in a 100% increase in workload for UK operations, yet as Operations Manager I had limited information on new product types, product volumes, and customer service level requirements such as turnaround times. Also, with product and volume uncertainties our procurement had no understanding of the demands for parts we in turn would be placing on the OEM’s and our other suppliers. There was a real risk that without detailed forward planning we would fail to meet the needs of our new customers or see our existing customers suffer.

As a management team we had already talked about a number of options including setting up dedicated customer teams within restricted areas of the factory, restructuring of existing areas, and even replicating our operational set up at our French site to give us greater overall capacity.

It was also clear that as managers and supervisors we would have to raise our game and become more effective both individually and collectively if we were to take our staff through implementation of new processes and taking on new recruits in an already busy environment, establishing a new work area and/or the potential merge of 2 areas of the business.

Through a combination of coaching and workshops, Kevin helped us take the initiative during uncertain times by adopting a systematic approach involving scenario planning, looking at organisational design options for our scenarios, and establishing a change plan for our organisational designs. This was also a great opportunity for us to engage with our supervisors early, involve them in preparations for the change, and to ask ourselves some hard questions about our current culture and climate and how to design in the reinforcements for the behaviours we want in the future.”

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